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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the class sizes at Terra Verde Discovery School?

Our class sizes in the Lower School are capped at 18 students. Our upper school class sizes are capped at 24 students.

What is the cut-off age for kindergarten?

Students must be five years of age by June 1st to enter kindergarten.

When is foreign language introduced?

Mandarin is introduced in Kindergarten and continues through 5th grade. Spanish and Mandarin options are available in our Upper School. The student will choose one of these options (6-8th Grade). In addition to the Mandarin and Spanish options, Latin is a required course for all Upper school students.

Does Terra Verde offer afterschool programs?

After school programs are offered to support our families, faculty, and staff by providing affordable, flexible after school supervision for Terra Verde students. There are two programs: Bonus Time and Sports.

Bonus Time is available for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade and is staffed by Terra Verde faculty and staff.

Sports programs are offered in the Upper School. Our Academic Team is available for students in Lower and Upper School. 

What athletic programs does Terra Verde offer?

The Sports program is available for students in the 6th through 8th grade. The program consists of three seasonal sports: cross country & volleyball (fall),  boys and girls basketball (winter), and track (spring). Instructors may be Terra Verde faculty and staff, parents, and/or independent sub­contractors from the community.

Does the school provide transportation?

Terra Verde Discovery School does not provide transportation. However, we do encourage our families to carpool!

Does Terra Verde offer a hot lunch program?

Terra Verde is committed to health and wellness but does not currently offer a hot lunch program. We are in the process of completing our new campus building that will allow for hot lunch offerings in the near future. As a school, we continue to pack trashless lunches.

Does Terra Verde offer tuition assistance?

In order to make possible the attendance at Terra Verde by children from families with limited financial means, the School has set aside funds to assist such families. Please contact the School for further information. All requests for information and financial aid application forms will be kept strictly confidential.