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It is an exciting time to join the Owl family! Terra Verde is a dream come true for many in Norman, especially for Central Oklahoma. The leadership at Terra Verde understands the exceptional people who make up this region as many of us call this wonderful community home. Bringing a world-class educational institution with a vision and passion for young lives is a passion for all of us on campus. In exploring these pages, we hope you will begin to ascertain what makes Terra Verde unique.

Each year, 16 kindergarten students enter Terra Verde to “begin their labors anew” at a school that embodies excellence. Each child at Terra Verde is encouraged to experience the joys of childhood while participating in intellectual adventures and opportunities that are divergent from compulsory public education experiences. Our teachers, staff, and families inspire each child to step outside of the familiar and comfortable confines by promoting entrepreneurial enthusiasm, ecological sustainability, and ethical benevolence. In doing so, our students will be exceptionally well prepared to transition to become leaders in society.

As a parent and administrator, I personally understand the need for quality, enriching education that prepares the hearts and minds of our youth to positively impact society in the future. At Terra Verde, we value childhood and the vast range of emotions that are felt during adolescent and teenage years. Our faculty and staff create a campus culture and classroom environment that allows our students to ascertain various worldviews from publishers, authors, faculty, coaches, media, entertainment and the world around them. From our Kindergarten program which lays a firm foundation in the social, emotional, physical and mental development of our young, to our middle school coursework, students will be equipped with the tools necessary to pursue opportunities of the future. We desire our students to be curious, to question, to analyze, and to explore with their hands, hearts, and minds. As we look to the future, we are committed to becoming one of the leading schools in the region, while remaining connected to our mission. 

We encourage you to learn more about our Terra Verde community and join our family as we engage in our mission. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or 405-366-6362

Eric M. Snyder Ph.D