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Our academic program is designed by our exceptional faculty who serve as instructors and inspirational mentors. We research and use the best-published texts we can find, and may use multiple sources to create the very best programs available.  Therefore, we work collaboratively together to create rich, integrated, singular and cross-curricular instruction that is carefully mapped from Pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade using college readiness standards. Lessons are designed to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills reflecting the highest standards of pedagogy. Assessments are carefully designed and analyzed to ensure expected outcomes are being met.

The academic program at TVDS provides students with a well-rounded view of the world. We aim to interpret all aspects of life. TVDS's purpose is to graduate students with academic competence, who know, serve and create a positive impact in their community. Our small class sizes permit personal attention and interaction between teachers and students to enhance the academic journey.

All courses meet educational standards and are taught in a manner that prepares students for future academic challenge without jeopardizing the importance of maintaining a joyful childhood and curiosity to learn. 

The following elements define the TVDS's educational model:

Responsive Classroom Methodology

Collaborative teacher/learner environment

Research and project-based learning

Outstanding instruction

High School Credit Coursework

Mission/Environment/Service Oriented

We expect a 100% graduation rate and that all of our students are well prepared to matriculate to a high school and prospective college education. We desire to lead Oklahoma schools in environmental education, academics, expectations, and results.