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In Terra Verde’s kindergarten program, we strive to “let them be little,” honoring and preserving the joys of childhood. Our child-centered curriculum is inquiry-based and rich in meaningful, hands-on experiences. The primary goal of our literacy program is to plant the seeds for a lifelong love of reading. We use a balanced literacy approach using high-quality children’s literature as the springboard for learning to read.

Our kindergarten teacher masterfully creates reading lessons based on the children’s interests and reading levels. Parents are seen as partners in teaching our students the skill of reading, and school-to-home activities such as Treasure Boxes and The Rainforest Research Project foster this relationship.

Math concepts are taught using the Montessori method as well as Singapore Math. Children are given ample time to explore numeracy concepts using manipulatives before moving on to more abstract work. Our science program is highly engaging and motivating, with units of study including life cycles, the rainforest, the animal kingdom, the five senses, states of matter, and wild and wacky experiments.

Creative play is honored as children’s work, and the students have daily free-choice play centers in addition to ample outdoor play. Students learn essential social skills through Responsive Classroom practices and the Core Virtues curriculum.